Podcasts are not scary. In fact, they are just like you and me. They merely want to be heard.
You can play these on your approved computer media player or download it to an iPod or MP3 player.
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15 feet 8 inch - 155th street jaunt - 2 men and 1 woman - beginning of morning
big fat RV - clutching hopkinser - dreaded animal woman of day - friday afternoon sins
garage sailin - gas and more - hot dog road - impromtu sound of morning
insane grandview man of morning - monday afternoon hitchhiker
never ending construction - no time for you - shalimar park
squiggly lines - sycamore - hay for sale - pack of huddled geese
pales of water - the little old man - the old woman across the way
USA tree man - michael soft - o possom of morning - on afternoons like this

every day is a second chance - ice - JW the lawn man - monday morning traffic lurch
tursday morning cop cherries - to shadow my little boy home - cat in the middle of the road
commericials happen on the streets - my sons best friend - reality of morning
the autism spectrum - the fight between human and animal - the near accidents

my boy wants to eat candy in the morning - pregnant man
art school drop outs - curious drive thru the suburbs - its so hot today poem
morning drive poem on the fly - Mustang girl - my favorite apartment
mystery home guys poem - rainy AM poem - red sandal in the middle of the road
stock tumbler - the power of now - bones the dog - cornwell tools guy
false roofing sign - grunge rockers - illegal versus illegal - last of august
no left turn signal - nuclear plant home - outfoxing the fox - pavlov & the stone rabbits
poetics of now - retirement - shelly mann poem - sirens and yellow bags - stench trash night - zen's hour discovery

3 wheeled motorcycle woman - accidental rock skip - alien hybrids - autism spectrum
backwards bob poem - christians make athiests - harley cigarette riders - hurricane names
inflatable joy - keyed damned red van - uniqueness of now - villians of the world - web walker

80s in the pan - 9-11 airplane irony - 9-11-10 tornado warning - art is for the lonely
baseball shooting star - bloody scans - broken yellow pages - clown loves
crying tear of the wolf - diamond pellets of morning - empty bible belt - fog morning
forgetting 9-11-11 - haircut SIR - hello sun - miracle miles and childhood again
nail the bottle in the road - naps cure all - old man ballad - part bird guy
real music greed - shutterbug misses the ufo - sunflower seed tragic symphony
the old man that jogs - the old poet - the roofers - the voyages - triggers from childhood
waffle house ceral killer - waterpark fun fervor - art show bandit - art and war
autism morning digital fish - autumn garage pool players - coolest people ever
defending my father in dream - dont interrupt phone driver - heros of 155th street
miles the rock star - ron paul people - seediest gas station in belton - smoking perils
taking my boy and dog to the docks - the ballad of recorded audio - theres always one thing
traffic confusion - we all wipe - autism radio - dollar tree poor - halloween democracy
indian summer gone - summer is officially over