arthur mcgregor tribute

the farm animals qua-qua video

Mark the Gabba Gabba Artist
Love Video
Spoon Trick with Marshall on Gabba
Drawing a Potato Bug with Mark
Oreo Fun Sticks Commercial

Special Joe Sr. Section
Picture Memorial to Joe Sr. Shown at Visitation -
The Funeral of Papa Joe Sr.
The Original Doc Day Visit with Joe Sr. - Driving Joe Sr. to the Doctor's Office
Joe Sr. on the Mend in the Nursing Home in July '08 - joe sr and joann thanksgiving - joe sr blood montage
joe sr grinding video - joesr with a knife video - joe sr wrong number - Joe Sr. Birds and Shadows

Papa Joe Gravesite Visit on 10.10.08 - My Father's Final Rolls of Film
The Dimino Family Reels Joe Sr. Shot - Converted
Joe Sr. 1954 PS 155 Year Book Signatures - My Father's Business Cards
A Drive Through Richards Gebaur Air Force Base - 1.10.10

Words of Wisdom Joe Sr.
On Ole George W. - Droppin' F Bombs -
Pork Chops

Gas - Animals - Consequences - Believe - Bill Clinton
It is What it Is - Laughter - Let's Do It - Obama & Presidents
Paul Potts - Technology - Doin' Good - Driving
Excitement - Frankenstein - Independent
iPod - No Hanging Together - Shoes - Simon C. on Paul Potts

MOTHER F'N - RETOOLED! - Cherish Life - G-Ding - Gotta Have a Life
Nice Home - Nutty to be the President - Ralph Nader - See a Psychic
Turning the Key - What a Relief

Obama Videos
Is Obama Good for the Kids? - obama not blackenough funk - Beaudoin on Obama - Obama Promo on Economy for the '08 Campaign - AJ and Doc Holding Obama Signs - Joe, Zen and Miles Holding Obama Signs - Mark and Noah Holding Obama Signs
Obama Looks Like Your Mamma for Current.TV - The King Meets Obama - miles first word is obama
Seeing Obama from Afar in KCMO on 10.18.08 - Miles and Dad See Obama in KCMO on 10.18.08
What if Obama Wins? - Broken Window at the Obama Campaign Office
Staking My Obama Sign into the Ground - One Vote for an Obama Victory in 2008

President Obama Adjusts to a New Life Following the Shock
Nobama in Belton, MO Letter to the Editor
A Glorious Morning to get the Newspaper on November 5, 2008
Innaguration Day with the Boys - January 20,. 2009

 zen and brandon interview - zen boy where is he at? - zenboy florida film - zen boy goes to florida to relax - zen boy super heromovie -
zen to do without video games - zen early days - zen grass mowing is fastest ever - zen & luke working or playing? - zen's a soccer fireballer legend
zen's high blood pressue - zens in big trouble - zen the gun slinger - zen the poet and speaker  - zen tv movie - zoolivin
zen zack bug danglers bungee jumpers -  zen zach recorder concert live - zen squashes his own dad - zen just dart slinging - zen is the nerrf dart maniac
zen's in big trouble - zen paper window birds video - zen is balloon boy - zen is the repeater - good big brother - sprite trials with zenboy - where's zen? -
go fly a kite movie with zen and dalton - zen dalton recorder concert -  Zen's 10th Birthday Weekend Recap Fun - Zen's 4th Grade Cowboy Concert
SELF REFLECTION: A Real Father/Son Moment Lens to Lens
- Zen's the World Record Holder in Circle Swishing - Run Zen Run! -
Zen and the Art of Cutting Grass
- Zen Has the Skids - The Wax Museum Comes Alive - Zen's 4th Grade Graduation Gig - Zen the Amazing Net Climber
Zen Snowball Smashing - The Zen of Explosive Fun -
Lego Maniacs Caught on Tape - The Zen Slurp -
Zen in Karate What's Zen Up to Lately - Oct. '08
Zen's Awfully Jumpy Lately - Zen is the Karate Master! - Zen in Active Karate Sparring - zen is the original snowball smasher
Zen is a Block Smasher - The Original Balloon Smasher - Zen and Miles are Brick Smashers
Zen is Waiting for Something to Happen - The Zen Karate Test on 1.6.09
The Whole Zen Karate Test - Before & After - Zen is Karate Vader

Zen Does the Time Capsule Project - Zen is the Ice and Leaf Smasher - Zen Dream in March '09
Zen's 11th Birthday Basher - Zen's 2nd Karate Test on 4.14.09
The DC Smash with Zen - Zen Tackles the Ring of Fire
Zen's 3rd Karate Test - 7.23.09 - Zen Scores! - Zen Karate Tournament Fun - 10.10.09
Zen Does Cool Snow Yard Art - Zen Does His Purple Karate Test - January 2010
Zen = Tooth Yanker - Zen as Robin Hood Wax Museum
Zen Concert Night - March 2010 - Zen and the Dragons win on 4.3.2010
Happy 12th Birthday at Mill Creek Cake Day

miles and a drinking fountain - miles says da-da-da  - miles been doing lately - miles birth reinactment - miles brain scan fun - miles brainwaves -
miles calm before the storm -
miles doing in april 2007 - miles first horse encounter - miles first word is obama - miles harmonica kid -
miles slide brainspin -
miles most similar to? - miles painting time lapse vid - miles the artist - miles the mini king - miles train magic ride -
miles what's it like to be a baby - miles dad riding bikes - sunday morning interview with miles - miles the drummer boy - miles slider -
miles is the block smasher -
miles hair cut fun - miles and dad are faster than a train - Miles' First Bucket Slammer ShotMiles is the Wind Smasher -
MILES: The Easel Artist - Miles Rapidly Cuts, Colors, Eats, Drinks and Waters the World - The Dead-ant Song with Miles
Miles Go Round on the Merry Go Round - Miles the Puddle Jumper
- Miles is Slip Sliding Away Father & Son Storm Chaser Folly
Miles Horsing Around
- Miles the Playground Champ - Miles Water Magic - Miles Rides his First Actual Horse - Miles' First Year at Grace Early Childhood Recap
Having a Swinging Good Time with Miles
- Miles and the Big Rig - Miles Train Adventure 2008 - Ice Cream Social with Zen and Miles
Miles Rides His Tricycle - Zen and Miles Ride the Bus on the First Day of Summer School 2008
- Miles & His Bus Stop Pals - Miles has the Startling Phone Jitters
Miles First Dental Visit
- Miles has Fun on the Swing - Goat Fun with Miles - Horse Hay Ride Fun with Miles - Miles Catches His First Fish
Miles on the Carousel Goes Around and Around
- Raspberry Pickin' with Miles - Miles and the Magic School Bus - Summer 2008 - Miles Has Darth Eye! -
The First Miles Twinkie Moment
- Miles Elevator Excitement -
Miles Rides a Brand New Bike with Training Wheels - Miles -N- Sophie: Cousins and Pals Forever -
Miles Summer '08 Recap - Miles Zoo Qua-Qua Personalized Adventure
- Train Blasters with Miles - Miles -n- The Gi Gi's

Miles-n-Sophie: Fast and Slow - Miles is a Video Producer - Miles Halloween Fun 2008 - Miles Paints His Piggy
Riding Bikes with Ole Miles
- Yo Gabba Gabba Gift for Miles Miles 4th Birthday Gifts with GiGi Lucy
Miles is a Barbell -
The Real Miles Birthday on 12/8/04 - A Tiny Bowling Mishap with Miles
Miles Bungee Jumps Well - Rapid Fire Eating Action with Miles - Carousel Fun with Miles
Miles and His Bags - Miles Paints all YO GABBA GABBA! Characters - Molly, Zen and Miles Hang Together
Miles: The Cart Smasher - Miles: The Can Stacker -
Miles Slidin' in St. Joe
Miles at the Car Wash - A Big Miles Dental Visit in Jan. '09 - Miles Goose Moment
Miles at the Belton Pool - Miles Easter 2009 - Miles Hits the Wiffle Balls
Grace Sing and Dance Night with Miles - Miles and Dad Guitar Ukelele Concert - Miles & His Best Pal Charity
Miles and the BIG BUS - When Lightning Strikes with Miles -
Family Pic-Nic Fun Night at Grace - May 7, 2009
Miles Attempts to Leave and Defeat the Ball Smasher - miles talks to dad about his story and breakfast - miles talks to uncle doc
Fishing with Miles and Zen -
Special Olympics with Miles n Charity - Miles, Molly & Pals in Summer '09 -
Capturing an AM Thunderstorm with Miles - miles mows the grass - Summer of 2009 Fun with Miles - Miles the Pole Slider
Window Washing with Miles - Miles & His Next Door Nana - City Water Fun with Miles - Miles Stair Sliding - August '09
Auction Action with Miles - Schlitterhahn Fun with Miles and Co. - Miles Opens a Letter from GiGi Judy
Miles Doin' it On His Own These Days - Miles as mini 'J' - Miles Halloween 2009 - Miles Doin' Some Feet Paintin'
Throwin' Miles into the Leaf Pile - Miles Opens a Package from Aunt Bonny - November 2009
Miles Christmas Dinner and Concert at Grace - 12.14.09 - Miles Goes through the Blue Doors at Target - Miles is the Pasta Slammer
Miles the Egg Mouth - Sledding with Miles - Sled Joy Over and Over Again with Miles - Miles and Dad do a Fish Painting Together
Miles Bubble Pop - Miles says COCO - Miles Taking Pictures: What He Sees - Time Flies with Miles
Miles Feeds the Birds - Miles Reads to Coco the Dog - Dogs Love Miles - Splash Time with Miles - Easter Egg Hunting with Miles 2010
Ramp Jumpin' with Miles - Miles: The Waterboy - Spin Zone with Miles - Fishing with Miles in April 2010
Miles is the Honorary Soccer Dragons Pal - Miles Special Olympics Night - 5-7-2010 -
Miles Graduation Night - 5-11-2010
Miles Bike Riding Fun - Coco and Miles Watching Me - Miles with the Black Kitty - Miles Zoo Trip - May 29 2010
Jump with Miles - Miles in 2010 - Miles the Little Slugger - Miles Mops up the Rain - Miles Messes with a Toad
Miles and the Donut Thrill - Miles Gets Reacquainted with Ebenezer
Miles June 2010 Weekend - Final Special Olympics Night - T6-25-2010

People, Family & Friends
chad parks - chicago to kc dan joe video - hope ymca miracle - jer nervous in st. louie - nick's intro to asian cultures -  summertime: where is he?
2 brothers take on thanksgiving - aj dimino - the wonder kid - austin shute thinking - damn dan emig video - doc day original short film
do my friends have a drinking problem - justin feldman hide - kato a life in motion movie short - neighborhood lawnwoman

sammy lowery has the answers - sophie boil rage - summertime where is he - welcome to the winning phil world - who the hell is scott burnett?
 Doc Morphs into the Big Nose Avenger! - Who is this Brandon Kid? - Sophie Marian: The Hots and Colds - Doc Master Juggler
Doc the Milk Champion Demonstrates His Extreme Skills
- Meet Tom - Do Susie Go to Work Today?
Get That Thing off of Me with Doc: A Look at the Good Old Days

Art & Photo.Paint
crayon baby movie - crayon guy video - paint baby: birth of a legend - paintguy misadventures video - Invisible Water Artist
4th of July Photo.Paint Performance Art
- Cold Winter Tree Transformation from Pic to Painting
The Dimino Grapevine Time Lapse Project from March to September 2008 - Happy Anniversary in Paints

Basement Art Gallery Explosion - Kid Art Time Lapse Vid
Painting President Obama - Kid's Painting Fun in November 2008
The Art Auction in Parkville - December 5, 2008 - Painting Buddha and a Lost Bird in December 2008
Rural Holiday Yard Art in Belton - Morphing Montage of Watercolors
Morphing Around in Feb. '09 - Swirl Paints Time Lapser
Burning Art Orbs - Real Kid Art - Snow on Mars - City Flower Morphs - Bleed Art - "The Boards"
All Joe Dimino Artwork from 1995 - 2009 Hub Cap Fun - Haden Lofts - Crossroads Art District - May 2009
photo.paint performance art: crossing the painted creek
the big belton garage art sale: 5.16.09 - Home Time Lapse Look
First Friday Jaunt in Crossroads Art District - May 1, 2009
The Paris / Frisco Morph - Painting the Golden Years: Happy Anniversary Couple
Paint Ball Making Fun - Travel Art Hawaii: July 2009
Autism Spectrum Digital Art for KC Gallery - Geetting Clean with Photo/Paint Travel at the JC Nichols Fountain
Plaza Drops Photo Essay 8.15.09 - Lawn Orb Fun - Loose Park Drops - 8.23.09

Union Station Art Drops - 8.29.09 - Arbortoreum Photo Essay: 9.7.09
Time Lapse Chalker - high school art - Travel Art Drop in Tightwad, MO - Rural Missouri Fall Action
Caffeinated Bird Fireworks Morph in Oct. '09 - Fall Leaf Morphing - '09
Falling into a Changing Painting - Joe Dimino Art Greeting Cards
Digital Art Picture Frame Demo - Downey Side Art Auction Night - 11.19.09

Painting in Reverse - A Window Frame - Seasons Time Lapser - December 2009
Makin Water Morphs - Jan. 2010 - Icy Moments - Sunshine
Digging the Electric iPod Artwork with Miles
Tres Chic Design Gallery Consignment - Quick Blue
The April 2010 Flower Morph - The Morphing Around Movie from 5-3-2010
Painting the V8 Can - The Recycled Art Project - The Typewriter Paintbrushers
New Window Frame Series Coming Soon - The Paint Ball Painting

air in kc video - daybirds live jason falkner in concert - wilco live - moby vid compilation

Political Fun
bush iraq speech splicer
- middle eastern opinion of america - backwards message to washington DC - bush/cheney relax on vacation
bush effect on babies - bush iraq speech splicer - bushleaving office and even jackasses are happy - bush oil video
bush snake caught in our back yard - bush son setting - dick cheney impersonation - elderly message to 08 voters  - everyone loves g.w. bush -
g.w. bush impersonation -  real post-911 scenario - religion and politics mixture - rid that nasty Washington taste
rove whispers to cheney final advice - terrorists in america - uncle sam's three wishes - orangutans opinion on bush - Secret CIA Operatives in America
Leaving Bush America Behind
- John McCain as the 3rd George Bush - Meet 'Ole John McBush -
Democrats are Coming out of the Woods to Have their Voices Heard in 2008
- George John McBush the 3rd -
Democratic Glee over the Biden Choice -
The Real John McCain Effect
- How do you Sweep up Bush Disasters? -  Donkeys Are Ecstatic About a Bush Exit
The Best Bush Exit Plan Ever - Cleansing Ourselves of the Bush Disaster Years

The Donkey
does the donkey like us - donkey baby or animlal video - donkey talking - donkey video broadcast - secret donkey messages
Nostradamous Donkey Imparts His Wisdom of the Future
- A Democratic Win in 2008!
Democratic Cheer in 2008 - Ebeneezer's Greatest Hits: 2005 to 2008

One Simple Donkey

The King
king gets attacked by kids - king mask thru burger king drive thru - king runs into glass accident
king secret camera falls down steps - king won't leave my home - king darth gets owned - KING SLAMMER! -
The King Digs a Whopper of a Hole
The King Meets Obama

Current TV On-the-Air Pieces
Kansas Flooding - Kansas City on Ice -
Immigration Viewpoints on Current TV!
Economy Viewpoints on Current TV!  - 2008 Voter Profile_ Young Parent

Foreclosure Sweet Home - Welcome Home Laura Ling and Euna Lee
 neighborhood question video - Obama Looks Like Your Mamma for Current.TV
Thanking Current for My Swag - Kansas City: A Personalized Essay - Obama Promo Video for the '08 Campaign
18th and Vine: Now and Then - The Scary Guy - No Child Left Behind - The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis
Dean Scream Question - Mayor Funkhouser Phone Call - A Virtual Christmas with Joe Sr.
AJ and Doc Holding Obama Signs - Joe, Zen and Miles Holding Obama Signs - Mark and Noah Holding Obama Signs
Beaudoin Follows Hillary - Beaudoin on Huckabee Surprise - Beaudoin on the Approaching Primaries
Beaudoing Gets His Hillary Interview - Beaudoin on the Hillary Hostage Interview - First Jack-in-the-Box Thanks to Current
Signs of Victory Leading to the 2008 Election - Joe's Passions: A Promo for Current

My First Video with the Flip Video: May '09
An Interview with Cooperstown Confidential Author Zev Chafets

C-4 School District Pieces
Alec Burks -
Black History - Belvidere Mayor's CC - Bel Student Worko - 07-08 - Belvidere Virtual Video
Bel virtual video - 08-09 - BGE Kids Spoken Word Poetry - BGE Mayor's Christmas Tree
BGE Mid-Year Greeting - BGE Science Fair - BGE Student Work - BGE Virtual Video Tour 08-09
BGE Virtual Vid 07-08
- BOE President - Bond Projects - Points of Pride - District Promo Vid
CAIR Student Work -
Conn-West Virtual Vid 07-08 - Conn-West Virtual Vid 08-09 - CWE mayor's Christmas Tree
CWE Student Work
- Dr. Teran Mid Year Reflection - Dr. Teran Holiday Greeting - GAS Poetry Event
GAS Virtual Vid
- GEF Prize Patrol - GHS Fall Sports - Homecoming - Jazz Blast
GHS Student Work - GHS Virtual Tour 07-08 - GHS Virtual Tour 08-09 - GMS Mayor's Christmas Tree
GMS Student Work - GMS Virtual Vid 07-08 - GMS Virtual Vid 08-09 - HGE Student Work
HGE Virtual Vid 07-08 - HGE Virtual Vid 08-09 - Martin City Virtual Vid 07-08 - Martin City Virtual Vid 08-09
Martin City All School Assembly - Martin City Mayor's Christmas Tree - Martin City Student Work
Meadowmere Virtual Vid 07-08 - Meadowmere Virtual Vid 08-09 - Lisa Walker Greet
MME Math Day - MME Student Work - MME Weather Displays - No Child Left Behind - Points of Pride New

2nd Graders Cook Chili at BGE - Dr. Teran Spring MSIP Message - HGE Time Capsulre Day
Living Wax Museum at MCK8 - MCK8 Auction with 8th Graders - Animal Hospital Commercial
Conn-West Artwork - Points of Pride - July '09 -  Office Max Award

C-4 School District Employee Profiles
Elizabeth Reicher - Terry Bluel - Tim Moore
James White -
Kathleen Cummings

8th Street YMCA Days
8th Street Y Jazz

News Parodies / Speech Splices / Obama Weekly
shoe throwin' world pal
microsoft jerk soup!
Homeless Guy in Feb. '09 - Comets are a Blast!
The Obama Goose - Obama Weekly March 16, 2009
Obama Weekly March 23, 2009 - Obama Weekly March 28, 2009
Obama Weekly April 4, 2009 - Obama Weekly April 11, 2009
Obama Weekly April 18, 2009 - Obama Weekly April 25, 2009
Obama Weekly May 9, 2009 - Obama Weekly May 16, 2009
Joe Jackson Versus Michael Jackson
Obama Weekly September 5, 2009

Our Years in Pictures 
2010 Photos - Part 1 - 2010 Photos - Part 2
2009 (COMPLETE YEAR) - 2009 (partial) - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005
2004 (Part 1)
- 2004 (Part 2) - 2003 - Part 1 - 2003 - Part 2 - 2002  
Assorted Folly Through the Years

One Month at a Time 
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Coco The Dog 
Coco - The Dog - Coco the Dog Morph with Conan O'Brien
It's Coco the Dog Time -  Coco the Dog: The Definitive Years
Coco the Squeak Dog - Battin' the Ball with Coco

Ring Tossing with Coco - The Coco Dot Dance

NPR Pitch - Spring 20011 for Beckmann/Schmroo

Neon Jazz 
NeonJazz - #15
Neon Jazz # 16 Plug
Simple Neon Jazz Pluggers

Assorted Gallery of Delight & Fun
ball kicker - bat golf games - breaking up a dogpile fastest teeth cleaner ever
- grandview road curse - heavy metal rock  - jeeps final video rest 
kids n guns video - larry the dog debacle - longest slow burp i had - meet mr. poopy pants  -
mouth popping skills indestructable poop pod
shadow memory makers - slip n slide champs - smoking peppermint - tunnel vision video - why i keep losing forgetting and breaking everything
3644 - good old days film - 3704 move to 7905 - accidental eavesdropping - adopt a tree scenario all the events on earth - assbag
audio recorder demonstration - baby brain collection - baby sock baseball accident on tape - banana murder video - bar question - bats vid
BEAT THE MARLIN TO HELL - beatles her majesty sang backwards - best ball kickersof all time - bob costas moment in audio/video -
brittney after the vma's in '07
- calculated sin - car disco amazement - car stolen on tape - city fight caught on tape - coffee burn horror -
corn nut king eater
- couch smashing movie short - crash boom bam fall deanscream syndrome - dimino say no to dogs - dog barking watering fun -
dog fight  - drag racing in the midwest - drunk convincing - ebs real test electric eels  - explosive south kc christmas display - fastest seed spitter in the midwest -
fastest teeth cleaner ever -
fastest gum chewer - final new years message to the masses - finding her way - flood water boys by red bridge
florida 2007 recap of travels greatest american hero auditions - guinea pig talkin - hard drive the movie -  how to fix our hair dimino style -
how fast does a day go with miles
  - how i lied to get on cnn - how to pick a winner - incidental eavesdrop - inspired forward motion - intense family political talk -
itch video - jack in the boxaccident - jeeps final video to rest - jesus spray painted neighborhood - joe a jack ass after all these years kck action movie - kids n guns video -  liberty principle - longest slow burp - lucky luke the rocket king -
met most of the human race - middle eastern opinion of america - midwestern car wash - miracle weight loss techniques - monster drumming - monster in my neighborhood - monster tamer - morphing change - mouthfart amazing - mouth popping skills - murder in the mall - nasty jack in the box accident -
near wreck  experience video new fish species - nick nolte to joe transformation - npr car talk recap - nut eaters parental blindspot arm smashing -
pickle king - pickle spit king - prank - psychic i am - random thoughts video - ROAR thought lion awoke - rocket launch injury - sam dog a look back
segrams whiskey confessions - shark attack movie - shock - smoking peppermint - snake bite caught on tape spam changed my life - spit ball hurler caught on tape
stiff white thugs movie - suck film tax time movie - teens lazy video the whether channel is on - toyota jumpingj joy - trampoline fun with miles - triops cloning -
ufo in kansas city again -  understanding st. pepper - urban couch smashing - watch out for the bulldog - what could be considered creepy - what ever happend to joe's  broadcasting apsirations? - what is phil spector? - what's happenin lately in december 2007 - why i keep losing, forgetting and breaking everything -
why i would like to be an old man -
wiffle ball jerk - wiggle waltz walk -  windo washing accident - wookie transformation - worst hair on a guitar player ever caught on film - tiger attack at the zoo - mock mexican invasion of america kid car collision piece - i am the matrix short mini movie - hop scotch world record holder
frozen fire - easter egg baseball bashing fun - counting one and one hundred fast-n-slow -  Chili Gas Exploders! - World Famous Eye Twitcher
Frozen Lake Rock Chuck Thuds -  Cat Brushing Lose Weight Hair Swirler Joe & His Amazing Basketball Moves -
-  Stack Smashers - THE QUICKEST PARADE EVER! - the dreaded pink hand fear caught on tape! -  I am the Sizzilator! -
The Tetherball Champion Comes out of Hiding - Uncle Bobby Joe Bonocorso Pt. 1
- Uncle Bobby Joe Bonocorso Pt. 2 - The Ant Slayer Arrives -
Will the Bulldog Pee in the Yard?
- Dog Versus Strap Trashy Video - Unreal Jumping Skills - Resurrected Video - Delicious Midwestern Waves - HORSE DOWN! -
This Video Might BUG you - Pig Cooking Champion
- Water Toy Explosion Fun - Cool Cat Tale - Cheesy Video - Ming's Ring Stuck in a Cloud
Tornadic Ice Cream Accident Shock - The Original Jerk Pole Smasher
-  TUBA GOODING, JR. - TUBA WORLD: UNPLUGGED! - Tuba Lips Pondering Tubas - smashtown - Corny Video  - OJ is Chasing Me Down! - The Ground is Bleeding!A Quick Array of God-Like Thoughts - Mutant Fishing - BLOWN AWAY -
Rock Hard Times -   Animal Weights Gone Wild!
- KID GLEE! - Cloud Globs Turn into George Washington's Head - Dad's Head is in the Clouds -
Matrix Superhero Leap Saves the Day
- The Hopscotch Hand Champ Shines  -  Footloose: THE REMAKE - Kicking Balls - Interesting Pig Tale -
 The Mysterious Bench of Sound
- Cloud Killer Strikes a Live Airplane - A Regular Guy Drinks Kryptonite to See What Happens
Rural 4th of July Smackdown in Middle America - Black Hole Sun Cover Up
- The Smallville Stare Compilation Summer Splash Fun in '08
What the Hell?
- American Tornado - Rosie & Pinkie - Rosie Gets Hot at Wiper Blades - Swinging Family Moment - Tan-Tar-A Summer '08 Family Vacation -
Don't Stop Believing in Belton - Punch Ball Accidents - Olympic Champion in Training
- Basebapple - Basebapple Part 2 - WOW! in the face
Post Olympic Warmdown - Pig Talkin' with Joe
- Joe is the Chair Spinning Champ - Action News! Weinbaum Caught Cutting his Grass in Half
The Tallest Shadow on Earth -
The Pasta Force - Dirty Moonwalking - All the Uncles are Gone - Before & After NASCAR Fun in KCK
Belton Balloon Pals
- In and Out - New Fangled Street Artists - Old Dimino Family Slides in One Compact Location - SMASHTOWN!
Turning the Moon into a UFO - Another Day in Belton, MO
- Pop Balloons: The Musical - The Jungle Gym Drummer - What if McCain Wins?
Monster Dart Drum Smash
- John McSummers: Before the Election - John McSummers: After the Election - Summertime Sings 'JoJoe Balls"
SQUISH SQUASH SMISH SMASHERS - Mysterious Missouri Man Comes out of Hiding - Animals and Bugs React to Our Bad Economy
THAT BURNS! - on the leo laporte show! - the slow american recession - a lot of weight on the cold blooded brain

Snowy Winter Melting Fun - Bowling Champ Comes out of Retirement - Danger is A-Comin' - Eying a Good Time with Mama Susie

Birthday Fun with GiGi Susie and Miles -  Fastest Eater Ever - Random Fun Holiday Moments -
Blips and Bleeps Thus Far in 2009

W's Greatest Hits: 2000-2008 - Jimmy Foy Cleans up the Cold Bush Disaster Years
My Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons - Wandering Eye Moments - Quick American Fun!
Tiny Changes - Train Geese - 3 p.m. Miracle - american shuffle - bird brains
Mikes Retirement Party in St. Joe - Shoe Hurtlin' World Pal - Calamities - Small Motions
Little Joey Grade School Haze Days - Hunger Race - Ice Maker
AJ Rocks Out! - Rapid Candid Dimino Clan Talk - the IT blower - The Love Dove Dance - SHWAM WOW!
Waiting for Something to Happen at Work - Should White Guys Spontaneously Dance?
The Scott Wilkinson Laugh - The Balloon Exploder - HOODS! - Pete & Jeanine - GodfatherSummers
What Amy Winehouse Means to Me - Moma Suz Up and Down the Steps - Neighborhood Snowball War

Jerry Lee Elwood, Jr. - joe gets jive - The Tom / TJ Extravaganza
The Dimino Family Reels Converted to Digital - Lovers Lovin'
the insane video - Bird Whisperer - Pellette Slinging - Silly Neighbor Kids - A Fast Look at My European Travels
Quick Sneaky Signage Caught on the Fly - The Clown Mime of Art District Fun: Secrets Revealed
Clown Mime Confusion - POP! - Sidewalk Shark Massacre!
The Thick Glasses Baseball Jaunt to Kauffman Full of Sugar and Baseballs
IT Neighbor Window with Jingle Jangle - Dimino Family Fun Mornings in Spring 2009
Balloon Popping Follies - Creepy McKinley Home - The Shadow Boxer Incident Caught on Tape
Bad Water Brewing in Grandview, MO - 155th Street: The Avenue of Dreamers
PhotoBooth Intro If I Owned - George Brett in 37 seconds
The Green Grandview Grass and Space Trash

Steve and the Pending Repair Job - Global Warming Comes Early to KC - Fall is Here!
Death of Analog - Basic Version - Death of Analog and Flat Panel Digital Lovin'
The Pond Gang Returns for A New Summer - chain - echo
Doc Truck Spit Day - Tired - The Original Lawnmowin' Man
Belton 4th of July '09 - Itchy for Some More Cat Pop?
The Field of Basebapple Dreams - 4th of July Greeting From Brandon to Zen
Why is Dalton Smashing Zen? - Mike S. on CNN

Slow Down the Fun - Who and What in the Secret Wha?
Mind Boggling Basebapple Home Run Display - The Buzz about Landing on the Moon ..??
Dreamy Talk with Brandon - Basebapple Fast
The Superhero Smash - Brandon is the Master Filmer - The Best of Ole' W. Bush
Bad Basebapple Accident on Tape - Doc Versus the Apples
Zach: The Sandman - Does Crack Kill? - Mulletime with Summertime
Brandont + Joe = Morphing - STG Morphin Time
Stuff found in Boxes - Pt. 1 - Town and Country Trash Customer Complaint
Just a Wipin' Republican Tears Away - The Leo Laporte Mish Masher
SMOKE UP, JOHNNIES! - Beat it Up, Charlie Boy - Bad Wipe Out - Basebapple Shut Up

1st Day of School for Zen/Miles - The Big Smokers Walk
Who are all these People that Dislike President Obama These Days?
A Response to Joe Wilson the Jackleg - Kiss Cam Win and Fail
Always Waiting for a Jackass to Arrive - The Dirty Clean of a Fountain Dip - Watching Possible Profiling: High Tech Style
Miles Sophie in Star Wars - Did I Do the Right Thing Hair Cut
Ticket Action via KCMO Big Brother - The GE guy - Who Follows Glenn Beck these Days?
Greatest Yard Sale Ever! - Walking a Dog at night in Belton, MO

The Auto Mechanic's Home - Angry Thrift Store Dude
Rural Missoura Tree Huggin' - A Child's Fear of a Land Loving Sponge Bob

Piece of Cake Foul - An Announcement from the Grandview Tourism Department
The Crazy Over the Top Belton Soccer Dad - Birthday Gala - 10.11.09
Who's Gonna Clean up Glenn Beck's Words

The Origin of Tightwad, MO - The Balloon Boy in 10 seconds
Debrah Lucky Sings for Oprah - Ann Coulter Feeding Her Conservative Base

Somebody's Watching Me? - What is is Watchin' Me?
Leaves Falling Fast to the Ground - While We Were Talking .....
Missing Yellow & Red: An Open Letter to the City of Kansas City, MO

Leaves us Alone - Sweet Fun Halloween Neighbors
Corny Honky Talk - The Official Birth of the IT Twitch
Wide World of Sports Office Win - THE IT SMASH DASH ..
The Big Serve-Her Issue - David Lynch Made Me Do It
Matt Sweeny Fun Montage - Jammin' with Doc and the Kids
Winter 2009 Prediction - Smokers and Movers in Missouri

RUN .. run .. RUN .. run .. RUN! - RUN - remixed with new music
Laziest Winter Fisherman in Missouri - Chef Mike and Cougar Moves

What the Republican argument against healthcare reminds me of ..
Pondering Plans for Thanksgiving Break '09 - Black Friday 2009 in the Belton, MO Wal-Mart
Suburban Sports Win - Major Kid Disaster - Camera Rebirth - Lipiest Driver on the Road
The Dimino Heritage with the Charlie Brush - Unforgettable Midwest Homes Tour
The Kevin MacLeod Project - Hug to a Thug
The Pancake Eggs Songs with Miles & Zen - Massive Goose Fly Off
Pinkie Cat: A Tribute in January 2010
Dimino Family Christmas '09 - Random Winter Break '09 Moments
The Death of Coffee - Pinkie Last Nap of 2009 - Pinkie Sleeps Under a Painting
Hollywood Superman: Christopher Dennis - A Typical Day for Christopher Dennis
A Crap Story with Mama Susie T. - Joefiles-1994 to 2010
The Tale of Fishy Deaths - Leo Loves
State of the Union Highlights - Birthday Time with GiGi Lucy
UH OH with Keg and the Kids - Throw it, Baby

Thoughts on 2010 Grammy Awards - Falling Like Father and Son
Zen Karate Tourney - 1.30.2010 - The LOUD Guy at the Karate Tourney

View on Vaccination Link Recall - Smash Town Facers
Making a Laid Back Snowman - Parlor Tricks with Mama Susie
The Difference Between Boys and Girls - promo intro - Political Hate in Belton, MO
The Gary Lezak Project - Screwdriver - Winter Smashing with Doc: The Trailer Park Boys Method
Dart War: The Movie - Scatter! - Ebenezer's New Digs
Death of the Digital Camera - Mishy Mashy with Miles
Hello - Goodbye - Mix 1- Hello - Goodbye - Mix 2
 Shocking Video - The Dragons Win - The Newest Dimino Ballbuster = AJ
Secret Zen Birthday Camera on Microwave 2010
Another Dragons Win - 4-10-2010 - Paintballin' with Zen and Pals - April 2010
HOLY GRAVY BOWL - La Curiosa Film Interview - The Hand Click Dance Craze!
Coco The Amazing Leaping Dog - Bob Ross: Brush Beating and Words of Wisdom
Zen and Miles Talk to Aliens - jackleg world
RUKITO WORLD! - Coco Breathing - Final Dragon Dump
Wanna Doughnut? - That Crazy Grandview Man - LOUD BIRDS!
The Before and After Willie Wilson Autograph - The Real Slugger Effect
Doc Smash Face Movie Morph - Greedy Grandview Red Lights - aj/sophie birthday shakedown 2010
The Jackass Compilation - Part 2 - The BP Twitter Disaster!
Zen & Quinton 4th of July Style - Rudy Promo for Current TV
4th of July 2010 - Belton, MO Style - The Car Leaning Loiterers
The Full Rudy Interview on Current - 7-21-2010
The Trumpeter/Coco Man Mark Pender Interview
Life in a Day Project for
Kid Plans Devoid of Parenting Logic
Toyota Man - Aha Moment for Miles
Summer Fun Returns to the Dimino Back Yard

Miles' Favorite Kitty Animal World
The Willow Tree Home - The Cat Sneeze Video
Blue Waters - Open House/1st Day of Kindergarten with Miles
jackass 4 - Pool Fun Underwater with Milo
Thunderstormin Love - Zen Florida Trip 2010
Spontaneous Donkey Bray is Back! - Mr. Little Caesar Dance

Animal Fun with Miles - Miles Goes to the Bus Alone
Dumpster Day - Slow Times in the Art World - The Fixer
Nick Accident Scene - 9-17-2010 - Miles is Gonna Dig This ..
Who's really in control? - DECKBITCH'10
My Dog's Opinion of Ann Coulter & Glenn Beck
Ebenezer as the Comedian - Miles is the Tootsie Roll King
Between Two Ferns - Greatest Hits - Between Two Ferns Greatest Hits - RETOOLED
Turk Jurk Paintballin' - Dr. Kitty Boxes! - The Tire Sculpture

The Christine O'Donnell Political Metaphor - Nov. '10
Conan O'Brien Mask Gets Hashbrowns at McDonald's Drive-Thru

The Fall 2010 Leafy Time Lapser - Jackass 5
Conan O'Brien Trick or Treats in Rural Missouri - Miles Halloween 2010
REPUBLICANS WIN IN 2010 - Miles Makes His Own Toolbox
The Big Fall Tree Color Changer - 2010 - Zen Gets on the 'A' Honor Roll in the 1st Semester at Yeokum
Yo Gabba Gabba Live! with Miles - Hippotherapy with Miles
Big AM Miles Thrill - Rusty Metal and Dead Camera Time Lapser
Carnival Time at Gladden with Miles - 11.19.2010 - Soy Goose Time Lapser
60 Minutes Exclusive - Putting Miles to Work on the Ladder -
The Raccoon Radio
Miles Hospital Stay - December 2010 - Get Well Cards for Miles - December 2010
Winter Break 2010 Compilation - Jerkneck 6! - Zen Karate Test: Purple Belt/1 Stripe

The View Solo Show - Jan/Feb 2011 - Cat Food Burglery via Coco Caught on Tape
Mega Millions Win - Miles is the Rock Pond Skipper
The Rosey Hump - How to Relieve the Holiday Stress - Zen Popper Slow
Dimino Family Christmastime 2010 - SECRET Dimino Family Christmas Cam 2010

Art Catalog Artwork Time Lapser - Miles has Thoughts of Springtime
The Soundtrack Always Playing in Coco's Head
The Sound of Night in the Dimino House - Rubber Band Cat
What the Trash Guys Think Every Single Week
Bucket of Video Chum - Phil S. Phone Message Fun!
Zen Builds a Snow Hut in the Blizzard of 2011
Zen Karate Competition - 1.29.11 - How to Build a Really Tall Snowman
Secret Miles Cam - 1.30.2011 - Dr. Kitty Dives for the Rubber Band
Snow Daze with Custodial Fun - Kansas City Blizzard 2011 - A Quick Look
2012 GOP Candidates - 12 Year Olds Asked to Shovel: THE REAL STORY
Zen Introduced Miles to the Smoothie Concept - Miles Kindergarten Concert - February 17, 2011
Miles Digs the Legos - Miles 'Hello' Montage
A Miles Ice Moment to Live over and over Again - Blunt is Not Blunt on Public Broadcasting Funding
Are you a Funker? - Charlie Sheen Bi-Winner Highlights
Who, What, When, Where, Why and How? - Taking Down The View Art Show
Charlie Sheen is the Dog Whisperer - Charlie Sheen Greatest Hits Wagon

Favorite Ocean Bird in the Midwest - SWEET SUBURBAN KID CRASH ON SECRET CAM

A Steamy Miles Moment - Catch a Goose with Miles - Kids of Belton, MO
Miles Slides in Tan-Tar-A During March2011 - Sammy Girl Eye Morph - Snake Charming Zen
The IT Smackdown - Snowy Hell in the March Pool - Bloody Pain of Making Artwork
The Belton Hail on 4-3-11 - Grafitti Grill April 2011 Show
The Election Day Loitering - The Election Hound in Action - jerkneck #9
Pizza Hut Hold Music Remix! - Frampton Mouth Comes Alive!
Digital Frame Caught in Action - April 2011 - Miles Gets Some Popcorn and Punch
Miles Scores at Soccer Practice - Art & Flesh Healed
Ebenezer's 32nd Birthday - Dragon's Soccer Win - 4-9-11
Geese Take Over the Post Office -
Today's Economy
Kite Time - Miles & the Cotton Candy - Ice Cream Time with Miles
Cat Bank Fun - ROOFING!- Hot Air Chalk Balloon in the Rain - Easter 2011
Blue Jay Morphing - Trump 2012 Allies - Trump 2012 Rally
Trump 2012 Tears - Cousin Sophie Mail - HOMAGE: Spray Painted
Miles is the Basketball Man - Coco Versus Bird
Zen & Blue Dragons Win on 5-7-11 - Miles & The Pup Tent
Can Miles Sleep Through the Storm? - Miles Fluff

HIGH ON ROOFING! - Miles Shows Off Art Project Skills
earth is for jerks - f**k montage - miles is the flarp king - shingles morphing art
the name your price garage art sale - 5.21.11 - trump plastic surgery!
What Zen Has Been up to Lately .. - Joe Cannonball - The AJ Jump
BEE SMASHERS! - Miles Pooltime Begins - 2011
The Garage Art Rapture Day - 5-21-11 - Recycled Art Summer 2011
The 312 Phone # Scam - The Original Honkey Neighbors
MILES SWIM! - DOC: The International Man of Mystery
Miles Dives for Things - Art Weekend: June 2011
The Zoe the Dog Vacation - June 2011 - 4th of July 2011 in Belton, MO
Belton, MO Microburst - June 2011 - BIG Waterpark Fun
The Boom Bucket - Bowling Adventure with Miles - June 2011
Marble Amazement with Miles - Miles Loves the Hose
Miles 4th of July - 1st Real Experience in Belton, MO
Miles Says Bye to Gigi - Miles Coco Keys Adventure
Miles Jumps into Pool - Miles the Musician
Miles Tattoo Wish Comes True - Miles US Toy Adventure
The New Dimino Fence - Summer 2011 - Miles' Pokemon Card Collection
Robbie's Phone Message - Summers Tattoo on Miles
Summer 2011 Morphing Art - T-Boners Game - July 2011
Zen Versus the Water Slide - A Zoe Coco Dog Chat -
AJ Pod About Hurt Feet
Cool Pool Art - New Miles Haircut -
1st Royals Game with Miles
1st Day of School 2011 - 1st Grade with Miles - Gigi Outing with Miles - August 2011
How the Universe Was Created .. Via Art - Magic with the Boys

Miles Balloon Smacker - Miles Crazy Laughin'
Miles Big Slider Weekend - 2011 - Miles Needs a Hot Dog ..
Miles the Pancake Cooker -
Miles Splashes into the Water
Miles Yellow Slide at Belton Pools Day - OH NO it's JOE DIMINO art promo
One More Donut? - The Mandarin Oranges Interview with Ian
Orange & Blue Slide Weekend with Miles - Rosie the Dog Yorkie Swimmer

Schlitterbahn 2011 - Joe Slider - Summer Nature Art Locusts
The Real Tea Party - The Miles Way - Throwing Miles Around the Pool
The Tweakin' Tweakers - Zen Bottle Pops - car washing miles
cat vs dog - coco versus the fish - family literacy night with miles
filtered jack ass language - first friday_10.7.11 - gallery 8 homage project announcement
halloween 2011 - jerksalads - man hole project - miles fall zoo time
miles favortie weekend moment - miles sleeps after a long week
miles the firefighter - miles zoo trip with a pal -
old pick up artist - police chase - projector filer fun
travel drops at longview lake - trunk or treat with miles
waterballoon magic with miles - what the sun looks like to me

1st grade music night with miles - 3 panel bird to tree - aj the ball saver
amazing cat agility - bird versus wind - cat fall - cerebreal weekend
christmas 2011 with miles - christmas glee with geese - coco the dog is ready
did you hear that - doc prowling - dr kitty in battle - fall won't fall
fall tree transform 2011 - handprint art with miles - kc zoo skywalkin
melting into the christmas vibe - miles in score - miles gets on the bus alone
miles monkeytown arcade fun - miles pool time with pals - miles slinky tricks
miles goes down big grandview slide - miles meets santa - 2011 - miles soccer medal
miles surprise coco keys party 2011 - motionless floating bird - original cat fall
prelude to a wish with miles - random miles winter break moments - the goose whisperer
volunteer work with miles at foxwood - whatdoyouthinkyourdoin? - yodeltraz visit

aj snow cruncher - art - art shadow flicker - big plans with miles and danny
cat n dog - darth miles discusses his weekend - electric art - evil cat
ham toss - joe dude sweater bowlin - whitney houston - miles and the chicken
miles gets card from foxwoodsprings pals - miles hands out valentine cheer
MILES N DANNY FUN DAY - miles and the dentist - miles the trash helper_youtuber
miles weekend magic - modern floral jar - One Redux - pinterest playdough with miles
smear job - snow jerk - suburban dardevil - the view 2012 show - valentines fun with miles

1st grade concert with miles - first pool jump of 2012 - Jocelyn Neighbor Art Mail
Joe & Miles Dimino: Autism Spectrum - jvelge release party
miles to see pink bunny - miles boid sounds - art shirts for all ages
art takedown at the view - belton slide park - BLOOD BOIL
blue dragos win 5-12-12 - boyfriend of the year - cat asylum
cat vortex - cool cats listen to neon jazz - dr. kitty and turtle
eb in gradnview parade - 5-5-12 - fastest sidewalk ever - EB FOLLOWUP JUNE 2012
get to work miles - iphone miles whack - joe d at banquet gets presented w award
kite fest - 2012 - miles bowling league - miles field day 2012 - miles gets honey from uncle ryan
milesdigscoachdump - milesndannywaterfun - milespoolfun2012 - miles ring diving
zen and the art of braces - who is garyl ezak - viewing and meeting clowns - undercover art joy
the rock bus - the good luck lantern - the bay with miles - super pickle birth
sunday funday pool school - my funny pet story time with miles - one simple rule teenage boy
ricky podcast bracelet - summer fishing with miles - summer ice dream fun with miles  - summer bowling with miles

2nd grade cool - 2nd grade open night w miles - alfredhitchkitty - att
bad bee - balloonpool - basebapple 2 2012 - basebapple2012 - belton JV soccer win_lg.avi
beltonhomecoming2012_yt.wmv - bendystretchykid_yt.wmv - betweenbustopswithmiles_lg.wmv
bits of the miles life.wmv - coco versus the hulk.wmv - Concrete Replacement Story.wmv
cup king.wmv - davidlynchcurrentpromo_lg.avi - dig_yt.wmv - dimino pool and birthday time.wmv
dragondecodingvideo_lg.avi - EMIGWEDDING_LG.avi - fall festival with miles.wmv - going to the kc zoo.wmv
gooseXing_lg.avi - homecoming belton parade 12.wmv - hungry fish and duck.wmv - jazzymorph_lg.avi
johncmessagetomilesviasignalhole8-30-12_lg.avi - kc american royal parade 12.wmv
miles and grandview music.wmv - miles and the dog wash.wmv - miles as the bowler of the week.wmv
Miles Baby - The Early Years 1.wmv - miles car CD dance thrill.wmv - Miles Early Years.wmv
miles gets mail.wmv - miles gladden carnival 12.wmv - miles meets captain america.wmv
miles september royals baseball action.wmv - miles sleeps at the end of a hard day.wmv
Miles Slip n Slide Summer.wmv - miles summer bowling ender.wmv - miles the tubmlebot.wmv
miles weekend of destiny.wmv - miles worldd.wmv - miles8yearsrow_lg.avi
milesdownbytherivernowandthen_lg.avi - milesoutdoorfun_lg.avi - milo michaels birthday furn.wmv
obamalibyasongwithralphteran_yt1.wmv - painting the wet sky.wmv - pencil games with miles.wmv
pilgrimthedog_yt.wmv - playgroundgymnastics_lg.avi - puddle smashing with miles.wmv - zenyellowcard.wmv
zenofsoccercamp.wmv - Zen - Mystery Boy.wmv - where is miles hiding thees days.wmv - we rule the jackelopes.wmvTODAYhoneybeejump_lg.wmv - tennis anyone with miles.wmv - talktoachickfilachickenintheroad_lg.wmv
survival - splashdown - smilesnowandthenswimm - signing off - royals baseball nights - Random Random Random

iMovie Trailers
Coco Spydog - hero film - belton mo fairytale trailer - hunt for squishy toys
jerk bag - KC Zoo Adventure - miles danny jumpland trailer
miles family egg hunt and bday - miles retirement village egg hunt
rock star weekend - senior citizen exercise - special olympics and dental trailer
under the spring break skies - what the hell is this movie about - zen birthday glee weekend

100 degree moments - 2012 miles summer begins - 4th of july fun
basebapple 2012 - coco ruger fun - Concrete Replacement Story - explosive art
last 4 days of my existence - last weekend in april - magic moments
miles and the elks - miles and the order of time and apples 
miles n danny go fly a kite - miles and ruger - scary miles dr visit

soccer games hospitals and birthday parties - sunday funday with miles

Neon Jazz
neon jazz pickle studo band aids - neon jazz studio_9-20-11
neon jazz in the studio 10.4.11 - neon jazz in the studio 10-11-11 - neon jazz - stage name - 10-18-11
neon jazz - french and waits -
neon jazz - lava gift - neon jazz 2012 - neon jazz mistake show
neon jazz pronoun - neon jazz studio-monk - neon jazz thankgsgiving - neon jazz_april fools - nj studio_11.3.11

neon jazz noir - neon jazz script talk - neon jazz studio kc hotbed - neon jazz_lewbowski sweater - nj kazoo - Jazz  Blobs

Enter the Jazz - Neon Beat Radio Trailer - Neon Jazz In the Studio - Spring - neon jazz movie trailer
tornado jazz - neon jazz - 1 year of shows - neon jazz go - Neon Jazz Kickin Ass
neon jazz spinner - neonjazz fluidity - nj studio makin woopee - nj wobble head - nj message to miles - real neon jazz
neon jazz basse mail - neon jazz ender - neon jazz in the silence - Neon Jazz Timing
neonjazzliveleaveitobeavervid - new neon jazz host - nj live remote w joe d john c_ - nj live remote w joe d john c_

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